Music video is my favorite cause it was done in one shot and seeing the reacions of other people was great. I wanted to do a one shot video and we did even though it was the last video of this semiester it was still fun and hilarious.

Wolfpack speech was a fun video and it is a great movie the scene was great and recreating in took a few trys but we got it we had a few laughs with the dancers and the good stuff part but very fun video to make.

Key Lighting was a short but quick story of my past that was a weird memory and it was with spooky interigation lighting to spice things up a bit and it was kinda a scary moment at the time cause of the halloween house

Transitions was a confusing but also fun video to make cause we worked alone and we had to find shapes that go well together to add transitions to make them blend into diffrent part of video by the shapes

Interview is talking to 3 people about an awesome teacher Mr Strong like whats hes like, the funniest moments they had with him and overall asking about how awesome Mr Strong is. It was fun cause it was kinda like an interrigation.

Conversation was a funny video about trying to think of a project for class and we recorded what we were thinking of in class and it turned out well and amazing overall cause it was good with a twist to it.

Mash Up not my best but not my worst it was early in the year and i didnt know how to edit much and what was good i was just trying to get the video done but i wish i could go back and have more fun with this project cause it could of turned out amazing if i had more fun with it.

Angels was more frustrating then fun because I had to redo the shots multiple times to get it good quality but its still a little bad but i got a uniqe angle that i dont think anybody else got which was the birds eye view.

Focus was the first and worst video i made mostly cause it was my first video but it was just to get good focus on someone walking in my case someone speed walking but it was short and the zoom made it bad in my opinion.

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